Onze dansen

(laatste eerst)



Something I can't do

Straight line

Goodbye baby

Whisky drinkin'

Flying fireflies

Love drunk and happy


21 Forever

Sunshine lover

Part of me

Walkin slow

After the fire is gone

Kiss goodbye all night PD

Love in my heart

If you wanna find love

My broken heart

Rodeo Queen

In my arms tonight

Take you with me


My heart's in Tennessee PD

Whisky on the shelf

Close to you

Whole lotta little

Save it for a sunny day

Jersey Giant

Long line of love

End of the line PD

Now is late


The boot

The doghouse

Alan Jackson

No country music for old man PD

He would not lie

Henk's tune

Country touch


Chop chop

Young man's town

O what a thrill PD

You got gold

One woman man


Say goodbye

Might be

I recall a gypsy woman

Looking for a girl

Railroad track

In the wind

The other side of the hill


Rhythm of love

Me without you PD


Crazy song

Far side banks of Jordan

Two rooms and a kitchen

Back in love by Monday

Same boat 

Into the dark night


Jingling spurs

Little less broken

Pick her up

Toma cha

Blame it on your heart

Can I hold you

The right place

Writing on the wall

Mama & Daddy

Sober PD stepsheet

I don't wanna ride


American made


Texas connection too

Country squire

Fourteen gears 

That's what honky tonks are for

Back home

Union Mare

Gone west


Bonapartes retreat

I can see it in your eyes

One magic moment

One love song

We're all cowboys PD

Hey little girl

The picture

Nothing but you


Another day gone PD

More than you'll ever know

Thank you

Who needs Mexico

Just a country boy

The best thing



Day of Victory

Joey on the fiddle

Johnny come home PD

Shiny eyes

Invisible PD

Perfect place

Except Monday

Have I told you

That old river town

You' re my angel

I don't know PD

Forget your troubles

Cheyenne woman PD

Be yourself

Not your one night stand

Breaking horses

Sleepy eyes

Let's turn back in time

Far from home PD

For the ages


The older I get

Doing it to countrysongs PD

Take a ride in the country

Isabel & Jose



Imagine that PD

Hookin' up

Dirt on my face

All God's children

Younger than love PD

Second hand heart

South Oklahoma cha

I picked the wrong night

My son calls another man daddy PD

We love country

I must be dreaming

Ride with me

Never happy

Tennessee bird dance PD

Love forever PD

4 In the morning

Rolling along

Talk to my heart PD

Simple things

Stay all night

The music man

Once bitten twice shy



While I was making love to you

Happy happy happy

All heaven allows

The Black Longhorn PD

2 Lane Highway

Some girls will

An old fashioned song

Rosa del  Mar

This old raft PD

Sweet Spanish memory

Lover please come back

A little lonely & blue

Your gonna miss me


Two boys

She's kind

The wonder years

3 Day road

Sunny side swing PD

Give my love to Rose

Send me a letter Amanda

It reminds me of you

Baby I'm blue PD

Staying in love


Big blue tree

Just don't PD 

A little talk

Patsy Fagan

Love her for a while

Fire & lace

I'm coming home 

Tell the world

Country in my heart PD

Good bye eyes

It's all going to pot

Como yo

Ruc's dreams

Moving rodeo

Control again

Like a rose for 2  (PD)

Golden wedding ring

All I can be (PD)

There's the door

Her memory

Triple mix

God must be a cowboy

Almost crazy

Back to back (PD) 

Once in a lifetime

Morning sun & memories 



Little bit cajun 

Cause I'm damned

I'll be yours

Colors (PD) 

Out among the stars

Must be something

See rock city

No home no choice (PD)


Good time girls

Adios (PD)

Sweet Maureen

Lord help me

Forever friends  (PD)

I can't still remember

Wanna be there

The boat to Liverpool


High cotton

Fall in love

Better times

Loving you in Mexico

Burning blue

El Camino

Dingy bar (PD)



Eighteen lonely months

Love you a million times

Bandera (PD)

Hard to be a hippie

But I do (PD)

Broken memories

This is me

Blue over me

Dreams I dream

Nobody's fool

Love me like a song (PD)

Best part of the day

Storm of love

Why don't you

Just one for the road

Between us (PD)

All over again

Amsterdam moonlight


Dog river blues


Kiss me Mary

Wake me up and stay

Juan Guadalupe (PD)



Our  house of love

Another man's sly (PD)



The belle of Liverpool

Second hand tequila

Best friends waltz (PD)

Can't let go

Whispering your name

Disappearing tail lights

Susie darling

What a thrill

'Till it snows in Mexico (PD)

Free as a bird

Someone like you

Walking away

Moments of heaven

Going down the mountain

Dig a little deeper

Bandido's last ride

Blue cafe

Friends (PD)

A dime a dozen

A thousand ways



I love her so much

Hot pepper doll (PD)

Raised on love

Seein' double


Another song

Hung up on you

The  right track

Mister stingray

A lot like that

Basics of love (PD)

Clinging to you

Saddle in the wind

Hands on my heart (PD)

No more radas

Lie lie lie

The waltz queen

Wy odn't you love me

Knee deep

All you need

Telepathy 4-2

Montego bay

Cowboy yoddle song